Working Method To Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 Cell phones

Recently there was an iOS update which offers iPhone owners even better features than before if they Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 firmware as opposed to use the stock version.

The latest iPhone 5 is already in the market and many iPhone users are still holding back from jailbreaking iPhone 4. If you haven’t thought about unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone 4 while using it, consider jailbreaking now so that it can be unlocked and sold for a much higher price. You can upgrade to iPhone 5 at any time you want, but you have to keep in mind that resale value of jailbroken and unlocked phones is much higher. Even if you have no plans to upgrade your iPhone so soon, there is still a reason to Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 – you can gain complete freedom. Once jailbroken, you will be able to download any software from any website that you see fit for your phone. You can also continue downloading from App store. You can use unlocking software tools to unlock iPhone 4 so that it can be used with any network operator in any country. Before jumpstarting on jailbreak process, you should spend some time in learning the truth.

Can You Actually Jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1

Apple vehemently opposes iPhone 4 jailbreak and it has its reasons. The iOS 6 operating system is a proprietary software code and the company doesn’t want hackers or developers to unveil the underlying software. Jailbreaking typically involves using iOS vulnerabilities to launch kernel exploits so that iOS core can be accessed by other software. Apple doesn’t prefer this as the vulnerabilities indicate lack of security. There are always loopholes in any software code created by human beings and Apple is just not brave enough to admit that there are security vulnerabilities with its released iOS versions.

Apple makes huge profits from App store by ripping both developers and iPhone users. When you jailbreak the iPhone 4 using 6.1 firmware, you will be able to download apps and tools from third party websites. There is an exclusive app store for jailbreak users called Cydia and this app store has astounding apps that are not available on the App store. When iPhone users start jailbreaking, they will be able to use these apps and this will result in loss for Apple.

So, Apple has created an illusion that jailbreaking your iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1 is completely unethical and illegal. However, the truth is that anyone can Jailbreak their iPhone using third party tools as the US government has updated its DMCA act. Users of iPhone own their device and they are free to download any software they seem fit for their device. The phone manufacturer has no rights to block the users form downloading other software just because the company feels that it may not result in optimal performance.

The freedom of downloading any app and tweak is your right and there is nothing wrong in knowing how to Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1. Apple claims that warranty will become void for jailbroken iPhones. However, trusted software providing jailbreak makes it possible to reverse jailbreak process and so, no one has to know that you have jailbroken your phone previously.

How To Safely Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 On Latest iOS Firmware

The iOS 6.1 firmware is already out and everyone wants to know updates about jailbreaking latest firmware in untethered mode. Hackers who work on free jailbreak tools have admitted that Apple has tightened security in every iOS update and it is much harder to crack the iOS firmware now. However, tethered jailbreak cancels out the freedom of enjoying jailbreak because in tethered mode, you can’t reboot your phone without connecting it to your computer. So, you should always choose untethered mode when you choose jailbreak software, which we suggest by following these steps:

  1. Download trusted software from this website and install it on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable provided with your phone.
  3. Launch the downloaded software and let it recognize your iPhone 4.
  4. Click on Jailbreak button to begin jailbreak iPhone 4 process.
  5. It will take a few minutes to complete jailbreak process and you may see some lines of code running on your iPhone.
  6. Once jailbreak is complete, you can use the same software to unlock your device. Simply click on Unlock button to unlock your phone to use it with any network operator of your choice.
  7. Reboot your phone and enjoy apps and tools from third party websites.

Stay Away From Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 Fakes And Download Reliable Software

There are some websites on the internet that are allegedly created by self-made hackers. These hackers post information on twitter and other sites claiming that they have jailbroken iPhone 5 and iOS 6 firmware in untethered mode. However, well known hackers have said that these websites are fake and free jailbreak is a ruse to spread malicious virus programs to innocent victims. Generally, hackers say that if someone hasn’t provided any credible software in the past, he or she shouldn’t be trusted now. Unless you get information from well known hackers in hackers conference, you should not risk your phone by trying these tools.

As there is too much risk in freeware jailbreak and unlock programs, we recommend our readers to stay away from those. THE ONLY RELIABLE software is available from IPHONE UNLOCK FACTORY and this software is updated constantly. Once downloaded, such software provides automatic iPhone jailbreak and unlock. You don’t need any computer knowledge to jailbreak iPhone 4 because the instructions are given in simple English. Apart from jailbreak software, you are also entitled to get free updates on the software which can be useful when you upgrade iOS firmware. With automatic jailbreak software, you don’t have to wait to upgrade iOS firmware because you know that you can jailbreak your phone on latest firmware using the upgraded software at any time you want.

Responsible Way To Jailbreak iPhone 4 Safely

There is a reason why so many people Jailbreak iPhone 4 phones around the entire world. If you are living inside US, you know you are among the lucky ones as you can lay your hands on an iPhone 4 at incredibly low prices, AS LONG AS you sign a pricey contract from a carrier for a period of 1.5 to 2 years. However, these unrealistically low prices are also one of the major factors why Apple sells its iPhones after locking them. Apple ensures it gets the remaining amount of the device along with the interest on the money through the carrier that sells the contract. This gives the carrier a license to charge very high tariffs and exorbitant roaming charges form the customers. These high rates become too much to bear for the owners with the result they try to unlock and jailbreak their devices.

Can You Jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 6.0.1

Cell Phone Jailbreaking is akin to making use of a key on a lock though this process is performed with the help of a software on another software called the operating system of the device. While selling through the carrier, Apple makes sure that the gadget cannot be used with any SIM other than the SIM of this carrier.

However, the process can be reversed and the device jailbreaked to make it work with the SIM of any other service provider and across other networks. All it takes is a few clicks and typing to make the gadget understand it is free to operate on any cellular network. Though the process of jailbreak iPhone 4is simple, it is better to get it done on your phone by someone who understands the nitty-gritty behind the principle and is able to achieve jailbreak without any glitches. There are many companies undertaking the job on behalf of the owners of iPhones and getting it done either remotely by providing instructions that customers have to follow or one has to send the phone to them to get the jailbreak.

There can be no two opinions about the savings that accrue to the owner of the iPhone 4 once he gets his gadget jailbreaked. He becomes free to insert the SIM card of the carrier that charges the lowest tariffs thereby saving as huge amount every month. He now does not fear taking his phone along with him to international destinations when he goes on vacations or business. But there is more than meets the eye as there are other reasons for jailbreak iPhone 4 also.

Despite Apple having packed iPhone 4 with lots of new and exciting new features with SIRI being the most impressive of them all, owners still dislike the fact that they are required to pay to Apple for apps that are available freely on the internet. But Apple has done enough to justify a fee for apps as it has a huge collection of more than a hundred thousand apps on its app store. But when owners of Android phones are being allowed to download applications and use them for free, it certainly hurts iPhone owners when they are denied this opportunity. Another disappointing aspect about iPhone 4 is that owners cannot customize the home screen to the level they want. They also have to make do with themes and wallpapers that are made available to them from the app store as they cannot get them from anywhere else.

Here is a step by step tutorial to modify your iPhone 4 safely

  • Download and install the professional grade software from HERE
  • Follow the prompts in the software until finished.
  • Eject the SIM and insert another SIM that you want to use
  • Place the gadget in air plane mode
  • Switch Wi-Fi off
  • Check the EDGE network that should activate on its own
  • Switch off the phone and reboot again
  • Click on activate connection once you see activation failed message
  • if you find an error message, switch off, take of the SIM and reinsert to start the phone again
  • Try reactivation and you will have an jailbreaked iPhone 4 now

Use Caution When Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Apple has made jailbreaking an iPhone 4s harder by introducing a new chipset called A5 in the hardware of the phone. This means that you should be alert while finalizing a tool for jailbreaking purpose. Go for only experienced and reputable company and ask for customer testimonials that you can verify. This way you can avoid being duped or harmed in any way.

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4 Without Breaking It

It has been a long time since the iPhone 4 was released on the market and everyone believes that they are wonderful gadgets. But many of their owners are looking for a smart way to jailbreak iPhone 4 in order to benefit from the features it unlocks. It is known that direct access to the root system of any mobile phone sim software can enhance in some ways the manner it functions. The benefits of the iPhone 4 jailbreaking range from the possibility of introducing new features to downloading apps offered by third parties which are not agreed with Apple under any circumstance. But there is no worry about anything because the top thing that might happen is that Apple will refuse to give the guarantee of the product. However, people are aware that the benefits of this operation are greater than losing a simple guarantee that will not last by itself forever.

Many people ask themselves if the jailbreak iPhone 4 techniques really work the way they should. In the older versions of the iPhone most owners could perform this action on their own and the jailbreaking of the gadgets was smooth and could be done with the help of all sorts of free tools. With the new version the whole quest to jailbreak iPhonehas become much of a headache for hackers and for developer teams. The breakthroughs in this area seem to be moving slowly and here and there were news about someone who actually managed to do it. The latest trend was to get the factory code which would actually grant access to any device. The code could be obtained with the help of third party dealers and many users have come across good results. But this is a method which is not totally safe and reliable. However, the easiest way to jailbreak the phone is to follow some simple guidelines.

Only use SAFE software to jailbreak iPhone 4 devices

The first thing to do after deciding that you want to take your phone to the next level, is find software which works with your phone model and iOS firmware version. The latest version updated from Apple is iOS 6.0.1 which is incompatible with most software on the market. However, one particular software can be downloaded quickly from their website which is linked to below. After downloading, install it and then run it according to the given instructions. The prompts will guide the user through a series of simple steps in which the phone will be jailbroken. After this operation it is time to unlock the iPhone 4. The duration of the entire process may last up to five minutes depending on the firmware present on the phone and the software solution used.

As previously mentioned, only one jailbreak tool is updated for the latest baseband and 6.0.1 firmware. To download it and for more information, visit: Jailbreak iPhone 4 Sim